Layering With Knitted Cardigans

This knitted cardigans blog post is about layering your knitted cardigans and shirts, blouses etc.   Amongst other things this is great for:

– showing off your sense of colour

– keeping you warm when it’s cold

– staying cooler when it’s warm (because you can undo everything down the front and still look great)

– looking slimmer (if that’s what you want – yo!) because you end up with long vertical lines down the front, which are immediately flattering for most people.

You might like to think of it as a gorgeous palette of long lines.

This is how I do it when I want to have fun and I have a bit of time to myself:

You first lay out on your bed your knitted cardigans, shirts and blouses – anything that opens down the front.  And you also want to lay out any attractive scarves that you’d like to wear, and all your little tops/vests that you can wear for the bottom layer.

You now look for colours that blend or contrast in exciting ways.

At first you want to be open to playing with the colours – mixing and matching them.  At this stage you don’t want to think about practicalities.  Just lay the articles on top of each other so that you can see a band of each item that’s underneath, so that you’re noticing the exciting combinations that are possible.  And you can swap them around a lot.

Remember you’re wanting one little top for the innermost layer for each combination of clothes.

When you’ve got a colour combination that excites you, you put on the little top in that combo for your bottom layer, and then put on the tightest item of clothing – it’s likely to be a shirt of some kind.  Leave the buttons undone .  Then you put on the next tightest, and so on.  You don’t want to make it uncomfortable – it’s at this stage you might have to reject an item or two for comfort reasons.

But beware any chunky cardis when layering, because the chunkier the cardi, the bigger you look.

A lot of the time you might want to put the longest item on last, but often it can look pretty cool to have something shorter on top.

This is just one of the many reasons why I love knitted cardigans rather than sweaters!  If you liked this post, do bookmark this post, won’t you (there’s a bookmark button at the bottom of this post), and subscribe to my feed by clicking on the “RSS” 3rd line from the bottom in the left column.  That way you get to know when I post new articles to this site.  Have fun.  Love Katy x

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