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Who’dathort it? What I call “Knitted cardigans” are often called “knitted jackets” by some other peeps! I discovered this when I came across this great book, Knitted Jackets: 20 Designs from Classic to Contemporary by Cheryl Oberle.


All the designs are described as “open-front” on the site, though some don’t have any front fastening, so might not count as knitted cardigans by purists (heh, I’m not one of them – if I cut a knitted sweater down the front I call the result a cardi!) and some of them are “wraps”.

Twenty “jackets” to knit in one book is the most I’ve seen yet – just fabulous!

From the product description at Amazon UK:

“This collection of eighteen-plus hand knitted, modern jacket designs is inspired by textiles and cultures from around the globe. A variety of techniques and clearly written instructions gives knitters an opportunity to showcase and expand their skills. Each section focuses on a particular knitting technique, and each garment is accompanied by a beautiful photo and the history or folk lore that illuminates the culture of origin. Projects include easy step-by-step instructions and color technique illustrations. Countries represented include Austria, Germany, England, Canada, United States, China, Japan, Peru, Spain, Norway, Faroe Islands, and Ireland with several variations. Techniques include lace making, cabling, color work, and more.”

Isn’t that just fabulous?!

And from the description at

“These 20 patterns, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, take knitters on a world tour of coats, jackets, and wraps. Inspired by open-front garments and textiles from around the globe […] these figure-flattering designs bring a contemporary edge to a variety of knitting traditions. Step-by-step instructions and copious photographs illustrate how to use standard stockinette, garter, and cable stitches. More advanced techniques for fanciful lace and colorwork and the history behind beach pattern is also included.”

You can look at some pages of the book at the page, by clicking on the “Search inside this book” link under the picture on the site. But if you’re going to buy at the Amazon UK site please do remember to come back to this page and click on the Amazon UK link below – that means I get a commission if you buy, which helps me to maintain this site.

There are some super pictures in the book.

For the book click on the photo just below.

And for the book click on the photo below.

This book would make a super gift for a cardi-loving relative or friend, or if they love to knit them.

I’m not the greatest knitter myself (though I try my best!), so if any of you or your friends or relatives create any of these brill cardigans please come back and let us know. And please do send us your pictures – I’d love to print them on this blog!

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