Mr Fry’s Exceedingly Good Knitted Cardigans

I’ve been looking through my knitted cardigans files and found some wonderful pictures of Stephen Fry who clearly loves his knitted cardigans – mens cardigans are alive and very well! But when I tried to put the pictures into this bog post, they came out too dark (sob sob), and so I’ll have to learn more about using software to make the photos come out better.

He wore the cardigans during his superb series “Stephen Fry in America” which I watched on BBC’s iPlayer.  They were all colours, and looked such fun.

For those who don’t know, Stephen is a brilliant British actor, writer, comedian, presenter, documentary-maker, egg-head and general all-round Renaissance Man – I could go on and on singing his praises (whoops – I just did!) – the sort of person who makes you proud to be British and who should be put at the top of Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square London instead of Nelson.  “Mr Fry’s Column” sounds pretty good to me.  And his statue would be wearing a – yes, you guessed it – a knitted cardigan – yay!

He also makes you proud to belong to the founding nation for mens cardigans.

And guess what – Stephen also (at the time I’m writing this) has 250,680 followers on Twitter (Twitter is a social media service.  I shall be writing another blog post about it, because I’ve found some great twitters about knitted cardigans) – clearly cardigans rock!

More knitted cardigans articles very soon (and I’m planning another about mens cardigans). If you enjoyed this one, please do bookmark it, won’t you, and also subscribe to my feed by clicking on “RSS” 3rd line from the bottom in the left column.  That way you’ll find out when I post new articles to this site.  Have lots of fun.  Love Katy x

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  1. Alex:

    Here’s a site that specialises only in cardigans. Love it!!

  2. Katy:

    Perhaps we were twins in a previous incarnation 😉


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